The 4 Vs of Branding for eCommerce

3 min readMar 9, 2021


The idea behind branding is to instill the company’s values, emotions, beliefs, and voice into the consumer’s mind.

Branding is more than a name, logo, color scheme, or typography. The idea behind branding is to instill the company’s values, emotions, beliefs, and voice into the consumer’s mind. These elements are infused into every part of the customer’s journey. Excellent branding can create a fantastic experience for your customers as well as give you a competitive edge.

In this blog post, we will discuss the 4 Vs of Branding for eCommerce and how to build your brand.

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1. Vision

Brand vision is where it all begins. This determines where the company hopes to position itself in the future. It should reflect and support the business strategy as well as the emotions and values behind the company. A great brand vision resonates with customers, employees and should inspire all stakeholders to believe in the company. Amazon’s vision statement is: “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” It certainly lives up to its vision with easy refund policies and a robust marketplace featuring various items.

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2. Value

A construction company that uses unrecyclable materials provides less value than a company that can do the same but using recyclable materials. Providing value in eCommerce is crucial. The new-age brand value is not only about providing the best value for consumers but should also encompass value for all stakeholders within the society and environment. According to Forbes, 40% of respondents say that the business’s goal should be to improve the community and environment and provide jobs and a healthy income for its employees.

Megaphone, Voice

3. Voice

A brand’s voice should reflect how the company’s vision, values, and emotions are expressed via various channels. Witty, funny, educational, or supportive are examples of brand voices that can be used depending on the company’s audience. It is essential to have the right voice for the customers that you are trying to reach. A company’s voice must be consistent and memorable throughout the customer’s journey.

4. Visuals

Looks aren’t everything, but great visuals can significantly differentiate your brand from the rest. Brand visuals include logos, typography, and color. Having compelling visuals that encompass all of the points mentioned above can be an excellent way for a company to stand out. Some examples of great logos include recognizable names such as Google and Apple. Typography can further impact your brand’s perception, with some being quirky while others are bold and original. Choosing the right color scheme can elicit emotional responses and enhance brand recognition by up to 80%.

Excellent branding changes everything. Without good branding, your eCommerce business would be unrecognizable. Successful implementation of brand strategies can build communities, encourage conversions, and best of all: inspire brand advocacy. Nothing beats the authenticity of word-of-mouth advertising from customers who truly love your business. How will you be implementing the 4 V’s of branding for your business?

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